Dumpster Diving won't save the world...

...but you can.

Folks that know me are aware of my dumpster diving... trash picking... garbage collecting. Those that listen to my lectures walk away with a renewed sense of the ecology and a clearer understanding of macro and micro-economics.

Here in Oakland County, Michigan, we live in the richest (someone disputed this and said we are the third richest) county on the face of the Earth. Not just in the US, but on the whole planet. Those that live in the area don't feel very wealthy. When you live here, you look around and you don't see elegance and opulence. Even faced with excess everyday, it is easy to believe that it really isn't happening here. It is the case of not seeing the forest for the trees.


When trash picking in Oakland County, it is not uncommon to find things curbside at a residence or in the dumpster of a store at a mall, that still have value. Items that people even 40 miles away from here would not be able to purchase in their lifetime.


In riding to the Library one day, I found a 486 computer at the curbside. I found my own first Pentium in the trash at a local chain office suppy store. It was a demo/floor model, manufactured by a defunct computer company (Leading Edge). When it came time to rearrange the displays, there was no place to return it to, so the store threw it out. However, as is the practice of these businesses, they took a hammer to it and did their best to destroy it. When I found it in the trash - with its original carton, manuals and software - it looked a mess with its CD player smashed and hanging out by its IDE ribbon cable. The backs of the cards in the slots were hit with a hammer and pushed inward.

How about food? Look at THIS!!