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Helpful links to pages for improving English via ESL sites:

Vocabulary building & Pronunciation sites:

English dialects and accents:

  • Canadian, Eh! []
  • Canadianisms []
  • CBC Canadian Experience: Talking Canadian [] [] Not much at this page other than a description of a wonderful program that aired on Canadtian TV covering the Canadian English dialect. The program airs as a rerun, now and then, on a CBC network and is available from the CBC Shop on DVD.
  • Canadian Glossary [] Small list of some Canadian words. This is an archived version of the original page.
  • DARE Digital [] A dictionary of American Regional English.
  • Yahoo Canada Online Dictionary List [] Pointers to sites for Canadian online dictionaries and translation tools.
  • What dialect do you speak? A map of American English [] Article and graphic map of regions by their names and the dialect name for the accents spoken there.
  • World Wide Words [] Interesting lists and definitions of British words.

Radio websites for learning or listening to English:

Slang & Novelty sites:

Translation tools:

  • Netlingo []
  • Babelfish [] Online multi-language translation website
  • Alfalink Electronic Translators [] Maker of good multi-language electronic translators that talk, as well as display words and phrases in each language.
  • Google Translate []

Culture sites:

Enter ENGLISHBABY and LEHERE sites from my pages:

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